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You’re being way too kind on Utah. If Pritchard said Paul George’s notice was a gut punch, that’s more like having a grenade exploding in your lap.

Here’s the franchise that blew it up correctly, at the exact right time, getting rid of the most frustating post-decision all-star-player-that-will-leave-the-team (D-Will was a real star!) and getting a very good haul out of that. They rebuilt earnestly, with a clear head and a sure vision.

All they got was one measly playoff series win. Then it’s back to rebuilding. That sure hurts like hell.

The Jazz has what it takes for rebuilding faster this time. There will be interest in their old guys (Diaw, Joe Johnson), they have a still promising player in Dante Exum to sell, and the very good Derrick Flavors. If they wish to blow it all up, I won’t blame them if they sell Gobert for a package centered on the Brooklyn pick. He’s valuable enough they should be asking a lot for him. It’s sad to think about it, but frankly, what’s the point in being a borderline playoff team in the West?