That makes no sense. Why is taking less efficient shots in “crunch time” smart?
Charles Tyler

You’re not silly, you’re just antagonizing me. You watch a lot of games, you know how crunch time goes.

Chris Paul is an elite midrange shooter, and his midrangers carry a lot of value within themselves, independent of game situation, acording to advanced metrics (yes, even advanced metrics love his midrange game). He obviously uses the threat of his elite midrange game to set his teammates for easy baskets, and (I feel really silly typing this) he’s elite at setting up teammates as well. Oh, and he’s an elite spot-up 3-point shooter as well, so he will fit in nicely when Harden is making plays.

He’s probably in the top 5 in the league in crunch time scoring. If you study efficiency (I never did) in crunch time scoring, you’ll probably find him there as well. I’m guessing that because Chris Paul is elite in every goddamn thing he does in a basketball court that doesn’t involve size.

That’s a lot of words wasted in obvious facts about Chris Paul, right?

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