Deus Ex Machina

My name is Diego Ortiz; I am from Mexico and live in Mexico City. I live in an apartment with my two brothers and my dad. My mom passed away three years ago, this was actually a blessing in disguise as she had a car accident a few years back and was left completely paralyzed, so illness is something I have dealt with very intensely. When she was around before the accident we used to move a lot because of her work. In my household the narrative between my parents marriage was inverted, my mom would work and my dad stayed home with us. Moving around so much gave me a very keen ability on how to read people, as braggy as that may sound this insight has gotten me through really hard times and has helped me cope with people with different views from mine.

Media and me

Media in my case has given me the tools to engage with people in a digital level so I can get informed and share different opinions with them. I used to work in a media analysis company that taught me a lot on how to be critic when it comes to media content.

Migration has been very important in my life and from a very young age I have learned to deal with it as a way of life, so my take on migration would actually relate on more emotional level as the idea to leave things behind for better things.

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