Drive incremental performance with new users who install and use your app

We all know the trade offs for growth marketers in today’s new on-demand economy. You need low risk performance media buying combined with the transparency and control to correlate the impact those dollars have on growth. Whether you’re on the hook to open up new territories, dramatically increase orders, or win back market share, Jampp’s Programmatic User Acquisition product delivers results, aligned with your business goals and with unprecedented transparency.

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The long and winding road to programmatic

Inaccurate metrics, ad fraud, lack of transparency on ad spend and placements… it is no surprise that many brands have lost confidence in their media partners and look to bring as much of the ad buying in-house. …

Segmentation, known as the practice of grouping users according to their in-app behavior, is dead… or it should be.

Segments are NOT the enlightened path to incrementality. The mobile marketing industry seems to be stuck, stubbornly trying to make this work. Mobile marketing metrics have evolved, more and more advertisers understand the need to look at incrementality, but for some reason, nobody seems to be talking about how outdated the retargeting methodology has become.

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We are using retargeting like it’s 1998. Can you imagine today’s Amazon having only a handful of homepages that are shown to different groups of people instead of a highly customized page that is shown to each individual user? Can you imagine Spotify’s recommendations only serving 20 types of listeners? No, of course you can’t. The proliferation of big data and machine learning has made algorithmic recommendations ubiquitous in most web Internet enabled consumer experiences.

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