A New Way of Fighting
Christian Malleck

Great option! I’ll try it my next sunday section!

I’ll try too another method I played on Marvels Heroic Roleplaying: the beginning is the same, everybody rolls and the highest number starts the action. The difference is that when the starting player or NPC end his action, he indicates the next one — anyone on the scene, friend or foe— to go next.

This dynamic goes on up to the end of the combat.

I intent too to mix this MHR rule with another one I found: Another player or NPC may try to “steal” the action and go first. To do that, the initiative owner and thief make opposed initiative rolls — the owner making a regular roll an the thief rolling with disadvantage — if the thief fails, he leaves a opening: before he be able to act again — and someone has to indicate him to do so — the first saving throw he tries is rolled with disadvantage or the next attack against him is made with advantage. If he is successful, he steals the initiative, acts and indicate the next.

I think this very powerful initiative option. It’s fast, has a lot of cinematic possibilities, and it also carries a lot of tactical sense in it.

What do you think?