UICollectionViewParallaxCell: Full Setup Demo

Diego Bustamante
4 min readMay 24, 2019

I always had an interest for parallax effects in both web and mobile applications. It adds a clean yet elegant effect that lets your app come to life without it being too gimmicky.

When I tried looking for a solution for iOS there were nearly no examples of how to implement one into a CollectionView. The tutorials I did find were not helpful. So I decided to create my own Cocoapod to help other iOS developers easily integrate a parallax effect into their projects without having to spend too much time into trying to figure out how it works.

In this demo, I am going to programmatically create a UICollectionView to demonstrate how this cocoapod works.

Get App Delegate to point to the ViewController

By default, the AppDelegate.swift points to the Storyboard. In our case, we want to launch the ViewController.swift on the initial launch of the app.

To ensure the ViewController.swift is being launched we can go to the ViewController.swift file and change the background color to blue.

When you run the app you should get a blue background like this.

Now Lets create the collectionView.


We can create a lazy var for the collectionView and establish the flowlayout within in as well as the delegate and datasource.

Diego Bustamante