Do What Simon Says

Udacity VR Developer — Puzzler Assignment
by: Diego Gile

“Get ready for a familiar challenge in an unfamiliar place!”

Final Puzzler Video

How to Play:
In this game, the player will begin just outside of a mysterious looking building. Once the player begins, they will enter the building and be challenged by Simon to repeat the lighting pattern of mysterious orbs. If the player succeeds, they can pass through the building and win the game!

Process Selection

Statement of Purpose: 
“Do What Simon Says” is a VR application for new and veteran VR users which challenges them to complete a familiar puzzle in an excitingly new way.



Scene Sketch
UI Sketch

Iterative Designs:

User Testing

User test 1:
Scene scale test

1. Do you find the scale appropriate?
The user felt small in the room and thought barrels were too large
2. Can you describe the mood in the scene?
3. Is Distance of objects comfortable?
The objects are a good distance apart but something feels off with the roof.
4. Tell me about your experience?
Not a bad experience but I want to feel like I’m in a real room.

Takeaways: I adjusted the size of the room and objects and tried several times before achieving what I thought was a good scale.

User test 2:
UI Test

1. Right at the start, do you notice a billboard or Start button?
Yes, it is covering my view
2. How big would you say the Panel is?
Too large and the panel causes some sickness when moving because it is slightly rotated
3. What do you think this Panel is for?
Clearly it is for a menu
4. What do you think happens if you hit the Start button?
I would imagine I would be allowed to play the game or move to the next area
5. Hit Start and tell me what you see?
The game started and I moved into building

Takeaways: I was trying to do fancy things with the UI menus and ended up making them too large and even briefly inducing motion sickness in my tester. I’m going to revert back to a standard UI setup and lower the size of the menus while still keeping the font large enough.

User test 3:
Final Test

1. Do you feel like you know what to do before hitting “Start”?
I am fairly sure what I am about to do. Though I am not sure about where I am.
2. How do the Menus respond and look?
The menu is responsive and I like the look, though it could use more polish.
3. Were you able to complete the puzzle?
At first I messed up because I clicked the orb only once when it should have been clicked twice.
4. Do you think you would play this again?
Maybe if the game got more challenging, I would play it again and again.

Takeaways: Minor tweaks were made to improve the look and feel.

Breakdown of Final Work

Touch the Start button and enter the mysterious building…
Watch Simon as he presents a pattern.
Successfully clicking on the same pattern of orbs is the only way to win!
You Win! (Player successfully repeats the pattern and gets to leave the building)


There are many ways to expand on the familiar “Simon Says” puzzle. Through the development of my app I employed an iterative process which allowed me to test and adjust on the fly. My volunteer user testers were also very helpful in exposing some of the less pleasing aesthetics and also alerted me to potential sickness inducing scaling that I was able to adjust in time.

Next Steps
To build upon this game, I can use the feedback I received through my testing to improve on the existing puzzle challenge. Users want increasing difficulty as that seems to be the “replayable” factor with a game like this. I personally want to add more rooms and see how this “Simon Says” game can be made even more challenging by maybe hiding the orbs in different rooms and using sound or light to guide the player.

Link to additional work:
You can see this and my other works on my website: