My journey to go plastic-free

Some people are afraid of spiders. Other people are scared of heights. My current aversion? Trash. No, I don’t get scared when I pass by a trash can on the street or when I need to take out the recycle. What creeps me out is knowing how much trash is generated everyday by every single one of us, and knowing how much of it ends up on landfills, in the ocean, in nature.

So I decided to take the Plastic Free July Challenge and live a whole month without single-use plastics. That means no plastic…

Nature is not a museum to visit. It is home.

I grew up in one of the biggest cities in the world, surrounded by cars and buildings, and with very little nature around me. My parents would take me to the beach or to the country every once in awhile, and I enjoyed it — but we never hiked, camped, or anything like that, so being in the wild was never really my thing. Until the moment I had no words to describe the beauty in front of my eyes.

That moment happened a few years ago, in the Atacama…

If you are looking for a list of things you need to do to become an environmentalist, spoiler alert: this isn’t it. There is no recipe for that. I didn’t wake up one day thinking “today I will become an environmentalist” or added that to my new year’s resolution list. It was only when I already was an environmentalist that I noticed I became one. But now I can see the small changes that I made and unconsciously led me to the life I live today.

Tesso Nilo National Park in Sumatra. 30 Sep, 2013 © Ardiles Rante / Greenpeace

A few years ago, when I was still working for a big corporation, I…

From the moment we wake up in the morning and brush our teeth, to when we watch TV at the end of the day, plastic is all around us. So much so that it can be hard to imagine leaving the supermarket without at least one item that isn’t in a plastic container.

It hasn’t always been like this. In fact, there are people alive today that were born in an almost plastic-free world. Imagine going to the beach and not finding a single piece of washed up plastic trash.

What, in the course of history, caused such a change?

Diego Gonzaga

I want to find something else.

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