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Building bridges between readers and writers (part 1)

Of unconventional self-written bios that will allow us to access our inner inspiration and get us closer, much closer.

Good day writers; I’d like to know so much more about y’all.

A brief bio is only good if it has a link to a simple, emotional and self written narrative of who you are.As a reader I wonder more than often what motivated the writer to select that topic, why he wrote from that perspective and how did he end up doing what he does. Of course, if you read him/her frequently, you end up getting a sense of their opinions and even understand their takes on some posts.

It would be so much better if we as readers get to know your story told by you in more than a couple of sentences. We are interested in you, and eager to know where all those ideas came from; in how you became who you are. We read, share and follow your work;But consider this: We are hesitant to ask you about your story, we see you as unreachable.

“Words dazzle and deceive because they are mimed by the face. But black words on a white page are the soul laid bare”
Guy de Maupassant
(so put it out there for us)

My Experience and its benefits

A couple of months ago, I needed to write a personal statement to apply for a job. I was not sure how to approach it. Then it occurred to me to write a narrative of my story and went for it. It wasn’t easy. Memories started to come to my head, some of them I did not even want to recall, less share, but I eventually did it.

I found the courage from Mary DeMuth, Linda L. Hoenigsberg and Jennifer Wilmore who have put their stories in such a compelling and personal way that made me realize I could do it too. I also had an enormous support to be brave enough to share it from my wife Micaela (I came up with Building bridges between readers and writers (part 2):My Story: Overcoming adversities,forgive and get closure”). It was very well received and I got the job. But that was a single benefit (huge though) of having done it.

This story gave me one of the most inspiring and encorauging moments in my whole life. Realizing and picturing myself on how I managed to go through the struggle of crisis made me want to keep going (post coming soon). I then learned that this is called Eidetic Imagery and works, since that allows you to access your inner inspiration.

I realized not only the will and power that drive me to this present, but of the valuable people that have been there for me along the way (post coming soon).

Every people that have read it so far have become closer to me, doubtless to contact me, since they know how and why I became who I am: I’ve become reachable.

Most of you have a beautiful well written first and/ or third person bio of your wonderful present in your sites. But it’s so important to know how you got there, for in that process we readers found the examples, facts, and basis to get inspired and guided.

To reach you at a different depth will eventually build trust, get us closer, feel equals and be an unconditional part of your so desire tribe (at least for some of you this is an important goal).

I encourage anyone (readers and writers) to write this narrative that only you can put together, for that will encourage me (and for sure many others) to interact with you. You do not have to do this in one step. Writing about single events expressed in a personal, almost in an intimate way get it done as well (like this). Don’t you feel closer to him after reading this? I know I do.

Setting some examples-

It can not be more graphical than Dave Ramsey. It takes you less than a week to learn that:

He is an old school guy, straightforward and pure honesty. He was born in a tough neighborhood, raised by a father whose principle was “pay it forward” (I help you, next time help somebody that needs you).He has made terrible decisions with money. He has a a profound love for god and his family.

This makes me an unconditional follower. I trust him; I feel cared and equal to him, and for that I seek advice and ask questions as if we were having a coffee at home. There is no canyon between us. I feel he is reachable.

I will mention some of a few, who have made me feel like the same; a few that “allowed” me to start building a bridge so I can reach them on their side,on their cliff. I sense“their doors” to cross over are half-closed/ open and I’m just about to knock and walk through.
This is how I picture the entrance to their bridges:)

Adam Smith (open and extremely friendly) or Srinivas Rao (awesome dude). With time I “dared” to contact them [because that’s how we readers (or at least me and some close ones that I’ve asked) feel when we try to reach you out on the social platforms]. Now I know they are there; for them I’m unconditional. When I read Rob Shep’s post about his wife not having cancer, I got immediately close to him; I read and share his “random thoughts” on a daily basis.

You see the pattern? The more you show of you as a person, as a soul the more engage we will get with you as readers. Whether is a full bio or just random stories about you but told in a personal compelling way.

And their’s: Stef and Ryan
Help me (us) build that bridge, our bridge, so I (we) can walk through and meet you on the other side. So I (we) can feel equals and make ourselves and you better, much better and bigger much bigger persons.
Photo credit: Micaela Cignetti @micaelacig

I leave you with my favorite first question:

Where were you born?

You can find my answer (photo included) in:

Building bridges between readers and writers (part 2)

Idea= Coffitivity
Draft= Focus @ will (Acoustic)
Editing= Focus @ will (Up Tempo)
Final version= Atmospheri.ca (in the Woods)
(Yes, I like them all)
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