Facebook Advertising: Do FB Dark Posts Work?

My co-worker came to me the other day and said, “They know me, bruh.” I sat there blown away by the fact that I now knew Facebook dark posts really work! Gary Vaynerchuck has been an evangelist for Facebook dark posts for a long time. Even though I knew the data from dark posts sorta worked, It never really hit me till I heard it directly from a someone I know. My co-worker — is a huge Batman fan like me m. Seems like the internet, specifically Facebook -, caught up to that and started targeting him for Batman products. After a weekend of several ads targeted, my co-worker showed meal the products he bought and started conjuring a strategy to tell his wife the news.

What are Facebook dark posts?

Digital marketing has come a long way already and it’s easy to remain skeptical when some of the data can still be a bit blurry. This post is to confirm that Facebook dark posts really work. The term, while sounding a bit evil, actually applies to the tactic of using news feed style ads that do not actually get published to the newsfeed of your page. This means the ads are shown within your Facebook feed and are provided to you based on different data Facebook has picked up related to your interests.

Facebook dark posts are available to all Facebook Pages, and they work as part of the Facebook advertising platform. They are mostly effective when used in the Newsfeed and they are different than posts just targeted to certain audiences. The tactic allows you as a marketer or business owner to target different audiences, split test headlines and even create personalized messages for demographic and geographic targets — literally run dozens of ads all on the same day — without a single ad showing in their own news stream. It’s brilliant and, for the moment, it is still a relatively untapped strategy.

How do I use Facebook dark posts?

Dark posts are only shown to certain, targeted users, and are created through Power Editor. I won’t talk about the clunky and user unfriendly Power Editor on Facebook because it would take too long. I will save that for a future post.

Open up the Power Editor and start by clicking on Manage Pages. After you have chosen the page in which you want to post, hit Create Post and the button called — unpublished post.

Next, you will fill in all the different fields, but remember that you are now creating an ad which means that you have to be very strategic about all the headlines, description, images and call to action buttons. After you’ve created your post, Power Editor requires you to upload your changes to the Ads Manager. After you upload the changes, you are done!

Once all of your posts are created, navigate to the Ads Manager to select your audience and manage your budget. One of the best practices for budget management on is to never allow Facebook to automatically select a budget for you. Select a small budget and then adjust according to your data after some execution.

The Main Advantage of Dark Posts

I think the biggest advantage of using Facebook dark posts is that it allows you to deliver accurate message testing to an audience. You are able to release unpublished posts, which is a great way to test content before it actually runs. Test posts you would like to promote and decide on the best one based on the data received from Facebook dark posts. Additional to this, the successful posts will allow you to reel in conversions due to your specific ad targeting. Dark posts have the option of being extremely targeted posts because they are shown only to the audience you desire..

You MUST NOT forget to continue monitoring the success of your ads through ads manager.


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