Snaps to Riches: Shonduras on #snapchat

I’m dedicating a short series of content on Snapchat because the social media titan continues to impress me. There have been numerous times when skepticals and experts predicted its popularity to fizzle out. Snap continues to innovate and has no plans to go anywhere. Today, there are almost 160 million people who use the app on a daily basis. So how does a filmmaker or creative benefit from Snapchat?

Who is Shonduras?

Shaun McBride, better known as “Shonduras,” is Snapchat’s first homegrown celebrity and one of the first people to make money off of his intricate Snapchat art. He Brands are shelling out up to $30,000 for advertising deals with McBride and other power users, hoping to reach Snapchat’s demographic: the fickle and influential 13- to 25-year-old bracket. If you’re wondering why Shaun’s Snaps are so detailed and creative, it’s because only one of them is worth several thousand dollars!

McBride is a fast-talking dude who often tucks his long, curly hair under a backward baseball cap. He recently produced a great whiteboard video explaining some of the milestones in his life. Skipping some parts, he went on a trip to Honduras (hence the nickname) and had amazing adventures, but wished he could have shared them with everyone. Shaun has always been an adventurer at heart, with a knack for starting really cool things. His first business venture was owning a skate shop, one of his childhood dreams. After seeing success at the shop he started a massively successful online jewelry boutique that ran through Facebook. This is when Shaun really learned the power of social media.

Enter the Snapchat Game

After landing his dream job of becoming a rep for several skateboarding brands, Shaun started using Snapchat to share his crazy adventures. As he started to use the app he realized its incredible potential for keeping attention and engaging an audience. He saw the potential for brands to share their story on the platform, so he set to build a business out of Snapchat!

Brand Deals and Success!

From there Snapchat continued to gain popularity, and Shonduras began to work with a wide variety of brands. He is one of the only people to organically grow a viral following on Snapchat (an app that does not cater to growth). Shaun is now working with brands on social strategy and continues to both create the content and also advise brands within the digital space! In summary, brands are looking for branded content with authentic Snapchat style that teens will actually pay attention to, and McBride delivers.

You can find his Snap account as he goes by the name of Shonduras. He posts examples of his work on a daily basis.

How can Filmmakers Benefits from Snapchat?

Snapchat revolutionized with the introduction of Stories. With Stories, a user can string together photos and videos, sometimes up to two minutes or more, and the story is broadcast to all his or her followers, stays live on the app for 24 hours, and can be played over and over again.

Snap has launched the careers of dozens of stars, mostly young men who won hearts with physical comedy tricks or teen heartthrob looks. But that is only the beginning of the many people who will find a successful career in Snapchat thanks to it’s unique creative outlet.

That’s it! The most important piece of content I want filmmakers to remember is that Shonduras built a brand and a successful career on Snapchat doing what he loves. He loves adventures and skateboarding, then he built a brand out of it. If you’re a filmmaker then it means you are a natural storyteller. Find a way to use Snapchat to your benefit and start your new career today! Using Snapchat yet? Who is your favorite Snapchat user? Let me know in the comments below!