University Case Study / Boston University / Ironhack Prework

For this case study I chose the Boston University and a friend of mine to analyze some features to make the experience of the university´s landing page more friendly and easier to work with.

Boston´s University with more than 33, 000 students from 130 different countries has some serious traffic on their webpage from people all over the world looking for information. While looking up for some of this information, thats when we got some features missing.

For the navigation and menu, we got surprised by how the page uses two kinds of navigation. One for the interns, students and staff to log in or upload information, and the other collapsing menu where you can see all the different options depending on which subcategory you are looking for.

The collapsing menu is divided by categories, subcategories and even some “top searches” options which gave us a boost on our research for some information we wanted.

I asked my friend to look for some special information on the webpage such as the university´s mascot, a way to change the language to arabic and find the nearest airport. Unfortunately we couldn´t find any of these, only for the airport which was an easy task because on the footer we found a link to google maps on which the university is being located and you can search for whatever you want on the same map.

It should be easy to add the features I asked my friend to look for. Changing the language should be one of the main features to notice once you enter the webpage. We thought on adding a small flag and the language being displayed on the webpage. Just by clicking it and looking for the language you are looking for. This could be on the top right corner AND the footer of the webpage.

Now for the mascot, we believe the university doesnt even have a mascot… But if they have one, we should definitely display the mascot on the sports section and campus life.

Language icon on the top right corner and “Meet the Mascot” on Campus Life Section.

Details like this on a university make you feel like “home”. Thats why they shouldn´t be underrated. Adding the language feature will make things easier for you to understand the whole webpage inviting people all over the world. For the mascot, I believe that this is how you enroll people to do sports for the university, mainly because of the sense and feeling of a community and social.