Good article, but weirdly no women or poc on your list. I suggest you broaden your horizons.
Tania Del Rio

Solutions, lady? It would be a great idea to mention some names if you want to help him in some way. Just saying…

Maybe it’s because around 90% of the motivational content in the entrepreneurial sphere is produced by these guys, and the rest are just copycats who don’t say anything special. From those copycats, almost everyone is a man…

I can brig up a few women that can be considered truly inspiring:


-Najwa Zebian

-Amy Morin

-Marissa Mayer

-Sheryl Sandberg

-Sarah Lewis

-Barbara Oakley

What’s the problem with them? They don’t fit in with the profile that Tim had in mind for his post because they either haven’t risen to fame and success as motivational speakers or their work isn’t aimed specifically at aspiring entrepreneurs.

You can argue that Robbins, Ferriss and Gary V. try to have a broader audience (I have no objections to that), but the majority of their public falls into the “young aspiring entrepreneur” category, as far as I’m concerned.