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Clear, easy and straightforward management options

As part of our product vision we wanted to give users a clear way to handle and manage the application. If you no longer wish to use the application you have 3 options:

1. Hide and Show

The default state of the app is collapsed in order for users to see everything that’s going on on their desktop. Once the application has been triggered and a user has entered their search, the application will open the web content (similar to any standard web browser).

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How to make a Search Application that blend into your Desktop work environment

Our main goal was to make the EasyXplore application fresh and modern by using the Windows design principles. The app applies the geometrical forms of the native Windows environment where the application resides.

We wanted to design a desktop tool that would feel as if it were a part of the Windows Desktop environment naturally.

Each pixel of the desktop is a valuable real estate and should be utilized carefully.

This principle guided our design process. We minimized as much as possible the screen real estate that EasyXplore gets from the user’s desktop. …

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Unveiling the powerful features of the EasyXplore application for Windows

The application’s first version has everything a user needs to have a seamless search engine experience. EasyXplore sits directly on a users’ desktop, features a fully functional web search application, as well as a minimalist design.

For the first version of our application we focused on designing and building a core feature set that allows the user to explore the web from their desktop as easily as possible — without disrupting the natural workflow. Here is an overview of what is included in the first version of the application.

Strong under the hood engine

The EasyXplore application was built using modern coding tools and application frameworks. Our application was built using similar technologies used by millions of users on leading applications like Slack, Atom, Discord, Shopify, WhatsApp, Skype, and many more. …

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Background vector created by quinky —

How SecureXplore’s design makes this application unique

The SecureXplore Windows application was built with design and user experience in mind.

“A perfect app design blends completely with its environment, yet stands clear and is present for a reason”

We sought to design a product that would naturally feel as if it were a part of the Windows Desktop ecosystem.

Diego Rojas

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