Why Fighting should be consider esports.

We all know and love such games like dota, smite, lol, starcraft, overwatch, counter strike. Those games have different gameplay but have a common factor, they are all strategy games, it requires the player to think in critical situations and also to do it in split seconds. Pros can stay hours playing only 1 game from a series and even end it after 5 or 6 hours it depends on how close the games go.

Esports are define due to their capability to be play in a competitive level, making them abelo to fill stadiums and bring people excitement. Players or associations earn monetary winnings through their sponsors. Cyber athletes/pro players or whatever people want to name them, they deal with mental stress, mental exhaustion, back or wrist problems, etc. Altough their physical efforts can not compare to the ones from normal athletes, their mental efforts can, and even surpass the mental and physical efforts being done by normal athletes. The reason why esports end up being consider “sports” is because how much mentally exhaust pro player can get after playing a game or a complete series and also because the mechanics/efforts that the players need to do.

After this little introduction i can express my real intentions with this article. Fighting games like the super smash franchise, street fighter, mortal kombat, tekken, unreal tournament have been around a similar time compare to the strategy games mentioned early. Strategy games are more likely to become esports due to the time Cyber athletes spent in front of a computer playing, only one league of legends series can have a duration from 3–6 hours with a maximum from 6 matches while a fighting game series can have a duartion from a maximum of 45 minutes if the players go to game 5. What i am trying to say is that it is possible to play more fighting games matches in less time than to play more strategy games series/matches in a short period of time, in my opinion this is good and bad for both type of games, because for fighting games being able to play more matches in a short period of time can be more entertain for the audience but it can also be boring while they wait for their favorite player to be on stage, for strategy games being able to play less matches is good because it centers the hype on the specific match being play at the moment.

A player mechanics are also an important point, both type of games require the player to play sometimes pasive sometimes agressive but always thinking about what the enemy is gonna do first, decision making in matter of seconds and playmaking ability are the most imporant from all the skills that a pro player need for esports. People consider that strategy games players need more skills than fighting games players but the true is that it does not matter because both games are different and the mechanics are or can be similar but never will be the same, players can get tired faster or slower it depends on wich type of game they are playing but the fatigue will always be the same.

Overall the reason why fighting game are not yet an esport is because of the economic approach. Companies are afraid to invest in this type of games and as a result the communities from all these games can not grow and end up stuck in the same place where they are. The esport organization need to follow the example from teams like Team solo mid, Cloud 9 and Immortals, these teams took their risk in sm4sh with different players and it paid off for them, it could be the same for other teams and for the organization that make esports official too. It the end it all comes down to being able to take risks and make the best of them

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