Rights concerning how people use their data is having a moment with data privacy legislation, but how will this affect other aspects of our world?

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Last year, the EU sent shockwaves accross the globe in its implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation. Shoretened to GDPR, the regulation defines the rights people have over the personal data that pertains to them. A key aspect of the legislation was Informational Sovereignty, asserting that a person should be able to delete, request access to, and transfer their data, even if that data was made by a third party with their consent. The regulation’s reach is virtually global: it applies to all countries that handle the data of EU citizens, EU Residents, or people who happen to be…

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While philosophical discourse often stays within its own academic circles, its intersection with other industries facinates me. Bioethics and Cognitive Science, for example, are both fields that straddle philosophical discussion with advances in technology to offer intellectually novel discussions. As a Design Researcher in the field of cybersecurity, I’m exploring how philosophical theories of law and personhood influence our understanding of how our personal data is protected. We hear about data breaches and the algorithms that make our Facebook ads unsettlingly specific, but what can a philosophical take on the matter bring us?

The other day, I had the privilege…

In a Data-Driven Economy, Human Rights are Catching Up

We’ve all heard it by now. All sorts of corporations, from the infamous tech giants to your neighborhood e-commerce retailer, are getting their hands on our personal data.

I remember when I realized just how creepy this was, when a friend of mine suggested I look at the “Advertising Preferences” page associated with my Facebook account, where the site listed the information it used to personalize my “ad experience.” …

Diego Encarnacion

Diego Encarnacion is a Design Researcher and User Experience Designer at IBM.

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