An application of machine learning interpretability and model selection with h2o and DALEX

In this post I estimate a number of models and assess their performance and fit to the data using a model-agnostic methodology that enables to compare traditional “glass-box” models and “black-box” models.

There are many libraries that…

How I used machine learning to implement a time series forecast of weekly revenue

Traditional approaches to time series analysis and forecasting, like Linear Regression, Holt-Winters Exponential Smoothing, ARMA/ARIMA/SARIMA and ARCH/GARCH, have been well-established for decades and find applications in fields as varied as business and finance (e.g. predict stock prices and analyse trends in financial markets), the energy sector (e.g. forecast electricity consumption)…

How to run an effective statistical segmentation with K-means Clustering, Principal Components Analysis and Bootstrap Cluster Evaluation using a feature-rich dataset


Statistical segmentation is one of my favourite analytic methods: it resonates well with clients, as I’ve found from my consulting experience, and is a relatively straightforward concept to explain to non technical audiences.

Earlier this year I’ve used the popular K-Means clustering algorithm to segment customers based on their response…

Using K-Means Clustering to Understand Marketing Response


The aim of this post of mine is to show that you do not always need super complex and sophisticated machine learning models to get meaningful insights from your data.

For this mini-project I am using the popular K-Means clustering algorithm to segment customers based on their response to a…

My take on Market Basket Analysis — Part 3 of 3


Recently I wanted to learn something new and challenged myself to carry out an end-to-end Market Basket Analysis. To continue to challenge myself, I’ve decided to put the results of my efforts before the eyes of the data science community.

This is the third and final post:

Part 1: (which…

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