Putting Yourself Out of Business
Donna Harris

I agree with you wholeheartedly. Sadly the issue I discovered after “cutting the cord” was that I still need the pipes that provide data connection, and sadly there’s no competition. That means that there are no incentives for Verizon, or any other ISP for that matter, to improve service if it means lower profits. So, today I’m still dealing with Verizon, and paying for individual OTT subscriptions that quickly added up to what I was paying before.

The change needs to come from regulation and from competition. An example I always point out is the disruption of the mobile space in Israel with the entrance of a new player (HOT). It forced established companies (Orange and Pelephon) to compete in speed, price, and customer service. I went from paying 240nis (about $60) for one line with limited minutes and 0.5Gb of data to paying 50nis (about $13) for two lines with unlimited everything! Imagine what a change like that would look like for broadband and residential service.

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