…and so it was and now it still is…

The “origins” seem to always be in question and when a dominant culture isn’t happy with the teachings, revisionist history comes to the front as dates are changed, borders moved, crimes against humanity denied and colors washed away.

I learned about Napoleon’s displeasure with the broad noses on the Sphinx, and the canons he used to blow off the evidence of Nubian roots…the Black Madonnas throughout Europe were dessimated, Roebuck was “bought out” by Sears and after many attempts at co-opting Jazz and other roots, BUT black is not only back, it’s clearly here to stay — a part of each and everyone of us.

My understanding the genome has led me to see the universality of men and the fullness in the roles of mothers. I embrace my cousins around the planet and give thanks for the gift of vision.

TGIF and nehT emoS!

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