Iceland: Akiva Huber

When it comes to icey roads, I plan for both the freezing and thawing as do our cells have a planned death…the lack thereof is a process that brings forth cancer cells as the the Natural Order (N.O.) makes room for the new.

Like Mother Nature’s lens, there will always be a balance — like Yin & Yang, clean & dirty, young and old, naysayers and Y.E.S. (Young Effervescent Sayers).

I have seen glorious moments of N.O. and Y.E.S. working together in Harmonious Efforts (H.E.) as in the be-ending there was S.H.E. (Silence His Ego)

I have learned to let go of what I think I know and in this calm storm, stay ready for the next lesson!

r.u. with Us?