“Don’t shake your tail unless you want to get Bit”

While I have teeth, I don’t bite and I certainly don’t bark (except at my wife)

It never ceases to amaze me the “shake-your-tail-feather-baby” type of activity that goes on. It it the courtship of the rooster and the hen — the cockadoodledoo and the coo coo coo…the birds and the bees…the lime and the coconut…the “ain’t too proud to beg …”— mentalities!

…something, maybe media, has heightened all of this activity to a point of recklessness. Women find the skimpiest clothes to wear and then act surprised when a man loses his composure, giving the man…a man…any man an excuse to BARK. Just saying that we’re all playing this dangerous game…men wearing pants so tight you can see the bulge of their penis or whatever we have programmed each other into thinking is the most desireable thing on the planet. We then find ways to consciously or subconsciously dangle those items in front of each other’s eyes.

Isn’t that a shame? But that is where we are and that is the game.