Down for the Upstroke…

Image: Akiva Huber

I have thought of the Clintonian (ala George) lyric and mantra, “Up for the Downstroke…everybody get up…” since first “injected/affected” in the mid-seventies. Since then and many musings later I have asked questions and also embraced, “…look up when you pray” and “…when you pray — move your feet,” all of which landed me on my platform of today:

…sometimes we have to go/get down before we can get up!

In nature, gravity pulls all weighted things down while light pulls them up! Like a bud before flowering, like a drop of water before it evaporates, like the penny on the ground — all down and on the way up: the flowers towards the sun, the vapor in the clouds and the penny in the pocket…

…all rise for the “P” — the landing at the “perfect-place” or “PP”…we all rise for and to be at the PP!

I think perfection has to be imagined, crafted and desired, vs. feared as only the ONE can be perfect, but it is my contention that we have perfect moments in the pursuit of the next and….the journey continues!

…Point, Aim and Glow!

r.u. with we?

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