Feel This…

photo: Yo0-Jin Kang

I discovered long ago that “they” never wanted me to believe this, BUT…I and WE are still here, so must it be true?

…while I think I am enough, I know that I am not and cannot be alone to approach, nudge or get over the humps, bumps and mountains…I also feel that like minds to rally, a bullet can stop a single bird, but cannot stop a flock.

I am capable of flying high and making a difference, BUT in tandem and unified force, I seek and see an interstellar collective of spirits that have points of commonality on the “baseline.”

Love is at the center…loving self is step one as the blossoms in the flowers of joy provide nourishment for us BEES (those of us who BE of like minds).

You are enough, but are you bold enough to step forward and unpin your wings?

Ready teS Go?

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