Follow THE Leader?

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Look…up in the air…it’s a bird? it’s a plane…No…it’s the followers of mainstream media asking, “who’s fault was the last quake?” I refuse to answer or ponder the questions as I choose to identify and claim my own entertainment…know which my direction joy comes from and embrace that while you may believe somethings — I can applaud your decisions and still follow my own follow (intuition).

My graduate studies, which began in 1975, were funded by a major network and while my interviewers chuckled at the “cuteness” of my statement, “I think television is evil!” I went on to explain that “anything that makes you question when you are permitted to goto the bathroom is evil and smelli-vision does just that!” They gave me the fellowship and later I turned down the job offer.

Forty years later, I find many more supportive observations to my statement, “television is evil.” Seems it’s a place where some tell what they think you should smell and also incite you to find stink in your own think….

While I occasionally watch, I state my pre-remote mantra…”I will tell what I smell and think what I stink and the choice is mine!”

Today I find too much sorrow on the screen so I refuse to be invited to jump!

Think tI Ain’t lagellI YET!

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