Ghosts: Busted or Trusted?

While I thought “busted” meant getting caught at an illicit act…just when you thought you had escaped the lenses of authority. Ghost Trusters might become the beginning of a new mantra.

For decades I have thought that we have “corners” within us representing the projected speak of everyone we “know,” especially grandmothers…you can “imagine” the reaction and words of your grandmother on certain actions you choose to embark….”I can hear my mother’s call, and it’s up against the wall….I can hear what my mother said, although she’s long been dead…”

Death is a broken concept, as the spirit never dies and it is up to each of us to keep them “alive.”

I was lambasted by my stepmother for planting a tree in the back yard, honoring my grandfather and having morning conversations…Little did she know, grandpop is alive, well and healing inside of me…his voice and the voices of many ancestors provide guidance to me daily…in fact, I call when needed, but find their perverse reality omnipresent. The indelible marks on my soul’s chalk boards are vast and guide me through thick and thin.

eehT I etulaS