Here yet?

Images: NASA-ESA-Hubble/Laetitia Wilfert-Portal

Dr. George Clinton’s preamble from the 70's Parliament classic “Do not attempt to adjust your radio…there is nothing wrong — we have taken control to bring you this very special show…we will return it to you as soon as you are grooving…welcome to station W-E-F-U-N-K,” rattled my adventurous spirit as did “…to go where no man(sic) has gone before.”

I have compressed the two and question called forward is “have they landed here or have we landed in another dimension?”

Given the theorem of parallel universes as well as the reality of space travel combined with the shock-it-to-you landing in our global day-scape, I wonder…

…who is We, why is We and where are We…going — going — gone, or is it that we have either landed in another dimension or have we been invaded by another genus of the homo erectus?

Most certainly all of my Christian and non-Christian teachings have been founded in “love-your-neighbor-edicts,” so the screaming pundit box in the corner (and on the wall) shows a land other than I was raised.

I cannot accept nor believe that the world my ancestors navigated through and fought for is the same planet dominating the lines on my head.

Perhaps “they have landed” and part of our wonderment is Who are these global leaders, What are their principals, Where did their hate platforms come from, When did they begin to infest my living room/space and Why now are we being led over the edge?

Part of my psyche sez this has always been present, but suppressed for 1/2 of a decade and the new part of my understanding hypothesizes that we are caught in a dimensional shift and as soon as we “get it,” we will be returned to normalcy…

My calming mantra comes from the vinyl messages of an era not too far gone…”we will return it to you as soon as you are grooving!”

Okokokok….this is NOT my groove, nor do I want to dance to the rhythms of vigorous hatred themes that have enraptured this wave of our “ev”, “de” and other “volutions” that twist our reality meters…have they landed or have we landed in another dimension.

…swing low sweet chariot…someone is going to carry me home!