Hug Your Children…

My resume is long…mainly because I have have had several a career paths and many positions, BUT the BEST job of ALL is being a Dad!

I came into biological parent status 2 months before my 50th birthday and YES…the life changing aspects of the new plateau were in place and in motion. Everyone (many) gave advise during the gestation period (Dima in the “oven”) that, “becoming a father for the first time will change you….” Yep!

At the center of it ALL is love and I have found when love is what fuels all of my teachings and lessons with our 12-year old son, joy is the outcome….

Carol A. Penn & Dima Afchi Jones…(my two warriors born in the year of the Monkey)

The blessed road on which I find myself, as a dad, is full of information, light, challenges, questions, smiles and grunts. I look forward to the next lesson as I too remain a student as our children are blessing us with teaching moments along the journey.

Hug A Mug Of Joy (HAMOJ)

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