in the be-ending…

Photo: Linda Carroll

I was programmed to see the beginning in the end and the end in the beginning, at the encouragement of my parents and grandparents…they ALL empowered me to dream and believe that anything was possible with a vision, plan, focus and intestinal fortitude.

Photo: Linda Carroll

I grew up with the fueled belief that fantasy is reality, under the encouragement of my friend, client and mentor, Dr. George Clinton. In the labs of Dr. Funkenstein, I was also coaxed and coached to keep writing and look for the rhythms to prepare the audience(s) for reception of the words that were rattling off my circumnavigated brain…George said, “the message is the message, but if you don’t make them dance first, you will miss your mark.

Photo: Fred Jacobsen

Yes….embedded in my DNA and stamped all over is a resounding mantra…

Yes We CAN!

I know I can, I know you can and I am most positively embracing this day as the first day on a new journey and the last chapter of the last!

r.u. with We?

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