In the Roar of the Night….

Sculpture: Michelle Armitage

I value and hold dear my time in the night, as the earth is quieter and I often hear and feel the depth of my 💕 heart speak during the quietness of night and pre-dawn. For me, for my deepest thoughts, I generally find “night time is my right time!”

Being born in the year of the Horse (Wood) I find galloping a tendency that I do my best to guide and often reign in…I know that a horse is an animal that is powerful and while win a race…an unbridled or un-jockeyed horse will run until their heart explodes…so I watch my gate, stride and landings as a matter of self preservation and love for others.

Photo: Lars Leber

I also know that there’s light in every tunnel and the sun is always shining somewhere on our planet and through the universes we’ve been gifted to travel. I have learned the theory of relativity can be applied on infinite levels, as I can hold my light in the night, through a day, through a storm, as I find peace remains within reach, as stillness is my choice of focus.

My daily bread of this day is knowledge and I am grateful for another chance to prance around the sun!

TGI any and all dayz !

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