Just This…

Justice comes in numerous forms and while “back in the day,” the meaning was universal: the process or result of using laws to fairly judge and punish crimes and criminals. Justice has now become a relative measure often defined by a perpetrator of an Injustice.

The pains to our body, minds and spirits from Injustices and wounds created are intergenerational and debilitating to all cultures. We now have a global crisis that has created cross-cultural chaos and many balls of pain, suffering and confusion.

The pain body has become a mass, similar to a tumor which is malignant and can’t be stopped by any chemicals, as a I find the only solution is a change of consciousness by all homodic-sapiens who desire to have a planet tomorrow.

Bottling up feelings is not a solution as today we are witness to a pressure cooker releasing an explosion of pent up emotions based on feelings rooted in fear, greed and insecurities. The flip side of this is a light filled path, which is attainable if we try.

There is more sky than earth, so let’s look up so we can save the ground….Blessings upon this day!

Diem Jones aka Dr. H.M. Joy aka Dr. Fladimir M.S. Woo

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