…none like it…:(

Ice cream, soda pops, craps, double Dutch, walking the dog, selling lemonade…Wally or the Beav?

I grew up wanting to have a “S” on my chest, so jumping off the wall across the street with a cape on was no surprise…neither was the landing on the sidewalk.

Now that I’ve “grown up” and rose from laying down with sheep I have come to discover many things…including what I think was my and the turning point for most….NO

I believe that the difference between a child and an adult is one word, two letters…”N” “O”

When we hear and accept the word “no” we begin to say NO to ourselves and suppressing our feelings, thoughts, vision and an array of our sensory inputs…just say NO to you and grow up! Suppress that laughter…don’t giggle…sit still…don’t touch that….!!!! STOP…GROW UP?

Down growing, downplaying your truths vs. learning discernment in a more easeful manner?….hmmmm

Love U Like You’ve reveN devoL B4

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