Pho is a type of soup and pho is also short for “fake.” …at least that’s my take on this slice of interpretive linguistics.

Pho-Political Mayhem is my phrase of this day to frame the amount of media attention the US political campaign war. I have known and stated for years that if there is a headline filling the front page for 3 dayz or more, then something(s) MAJOR is being swept under the carpet…I.e., what “news” are we really missing, as we are being programmed to only pay attention to 2 imperfect Caucizoids (Caucasians) vying for our votes in November, the Olympics, earthquakes, wildfires and floods and….

Give me a break! Too many un ghastly laws are being written, people thrown in jail, people being raped, radioactive waste washing up on all of our shores…and MORE, but we are reduced to paying attention to what Trump or the Clinton’s are doing, saying and spraying?

Okokokok….my solution is to look for things that matter most to me and the people and love, and shine the brightest light I can upon them….in this way, I raise my head and see my daily bread, which most certainly in NOT on smellavision!


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