…play me some Green, Bernie….

Photo: Inconnu

On the second or third day in the studio with Dr. George Clinton (circa 1977), George asked his creative partner, Bernie Worrell…”Bernie, play me some green…”

There was already more eye-popping activities than I could shake two sticks at, but this stopped me in my tracks…George held his hand up, gesturing to close my eyes, which I did and my mind-screen saw green, which was followed by a request to Bernie to play orange — then purple…

…I saw, I heard, I felt and my understanding of alphaBETAbioAQUAdooDoo, and the ways of the world adopted a clarity which underscores my every step…on this day, my daily bread is the soul food that un-wrinkles the stakes aimed at my heart…

You can’t take this away from me…Thanks George and Bernie

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