Sculpture: Michelle Armitage

Yes we can fly…and now, more than ever, we need to come to ATTENTION and be ready to flap our wings! Since we haven’t been paying attention and were too numb to hear real news, we relied on the sensationalism of “pho-News” on the hour and look-like-the-real-deal postings on social media…We were so numbed we didn’t realize we were being bamboozled until it was after the dawn of the current, crazed new wave of political mayhem…

…really, despite the elevation of hate and the landing gears of fear, it’s NOT TOO LATE.

I find now is the time for me to return the the gyms of the mind, body and spirit so I can BONE UP! I will pull up my chin, sit up to see, exercise in the pool as well as the steam room. I will stretch my wings, so if it becomes time for the flock to flock, I will be in shape….and mostly I am learning to keep my wise eye opened.


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