Reflection or a Projection…

Lake Carbeza, Italy: Akiva Huber

I thought I knew the difference between my projections and reflections, but came to realize that the line gets crossed on occasion as fantasy becomes reality.

After all, what do we expect back from our reflections…truth, lies, fantasy, fiction or history?

I have come to appreciate it all and try not to over analyze, however I am clear on my goals and desired outcomes…My reflections are “looks over my shoulder” and often akin to a retracing of steps or replaying of “tapes.” My projections are akin to my goals and looking forward to desired outcomes.

…I know what I want and want what I know to sprout and glow — grow. The pursuit of knowledge is key to growth and akin to acquiring fuel for a vehicle.
Image: Akiva Huber

Through the mist of this morning as well as the unknowns of the challenges of yesterday’s tomorrow, I step forward with confidence and without fear.

r.u. with Us?