Having had several careers, the notion of me “re-inventing” myself has become public speak in certain circles….the sum of the sun shining on me is that I have accepted that I am a Son of the Sun and my roots bi-directional.

As the Sun is always rising, somewhere on the planet, equally so does the moon and in that observation a form of omnivision has been required of me to see my way through the storms, over the hills & mountains, through the valleys and over the oceans….I have had to adopt an “external” eye to keep watch of the ongoings which I am participating in….in fact, I have called myself “schitzosane” for decades as watching me watching you has been allot of noise to contain.

photo: Eleanor May Phipps

I know the sun is behind the trees, above the clouds and aways available to shed light on the pathways ahead.

Onward Soldiers of the Light…Onward to the Bright!

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