Photo: Amy Gulick

Keeping a watchful eye on the delivery of promises made is a calling for responsible behavior and follow-through. All too often promises made have been played on media outlets to calm the surface waters, hoping to percolate injustice and untruths under the cover of numbness.

Numbing and dumbing down has been the objective of the greed laden, dominant culture for decades…and the powers that be WON many battles by sprinkling crumbs of hope to the bamboozled peoples who were rendered powerless under a cloud of complacency.

Fast Forward

Now, thanks to the winds fueled by truths of commonality, there are “new” alliances that stand for something, vs. falling for anything…in the past, promises broke the lines of demonstrators but now we have walls that do watch-shifts, calling on wise-eyes to remain open.

Are you ready to serve? r.u. Cyrius?

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