Storms within…

A dear friend shared an insight on his life choices the other day…”when I stay in, I am really going out…” He was referring to going on “lockdown” in his home-cave and digging his toes in research & writing, which ultimately create products for the outside world…thus going in was going out!

With this evolved concept, I am reassured of being on “the right track,” as I relate to my “storms” within — I have always sought to convert fires to fuel, lightening to pinnacles of power, pain to answers and more….lemonade from lemons.

I am affected and saddened by many of the outrageous acts of evil throughout the planet, but choose not to focus on them as I feel it’s the presentation of them, by mainstream media (and it’s tributaries), that perpetuate more.

I invite the sunrise today, as another side of the storms so the best is yet come!

Lufyoj Light

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