Switch back trails…

Image: Akiva Huber

Before the Great Wall of China, there’s the Big Gate Road, which makes me think that there is a road to the walls between us.

As we trust less and suspect more, the walls we construct are often hard for others to penetrate with hands, hugs or eyes…

…we have been coaxed to surround ourselves with walls which can stop incoming and outflowing of energy — while protecting and supressing, the world within is not an island and needs nourishment…

I always look for the most efficient ways to expedite the removal of walls, with the understanding that not all walls will fall, but it seems the trails leading up to the construct of the walls between us are the pathways I must learn to understand.

The more I understand the roots of the sneers and snoots, the sooner we can rise to the occasion of seeing our being.

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