The Root

I was programmed to think that wealth was a measure of currency and now I am current with tools to measure wealth. Wealth represents an exchange of energy. It can bring forward a sense of security and resource, which are available to be directed in a prescribed direction….

…thus the paper measure (above) is a flawed measure of wealth, as it is incomplete. I accept that “money” can burn and suggest that holding anything that can burn close to my heart is ludicrous and I chose not to burn my heart…so in my pursuit of wealth, I first look at spiritual, then emotional and health as my barometers of wealth and money….

…My wife instructed me to interchange the words “money” and “love.” I pushed back at first and then tried the exercise…

I need more ____ …don’t have enough _____ …going to collect ____ and goto the bank…

When my wallet is empty, it has room to be filled as I think we all need more Love and that’s a fact!

As Love is at the center of ALL things and self-love is the key to evolution…let’s evolve our perceptions of wealth, reset our measuring devices and get paid.

HAMOJ (Hug A Mug Of Joy)

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