Tune In…

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Have I got a tune for you! I invite you to tune in, turn up and see if you can turn yourself out…

This is the end of a cosmically powerful 90-day period of 3 consecutive super-moons. NOTE: A super-moon is full moon that occurs when the moon is closest to the earth…the closer a “full-moon” is to earth, the larger it appears to the naked eye and the greater the gravitational pull. The November 2016 super-moon was the closest the moon will be to the earth for approximately 30 years and 3 in a row, is another bit of phenomenal cosmicology that is rare. Thus we are at the end of a wave…

I learned allot about me, thee and the worlds around us….mostly I chose to take fastidious notes on myself…it was kind of a “coming out” journey. While I feel like I’ve come out of hiding…out from a closet — NOTE: it’s not what you think!

  • I have made a decision to no longer hide my thoughts from myself and where appropriate, share them with like or receptive minds with hopes of expansion vs. ego munching.
  • I have decided to share my intuitive takes on matters before me and come out of holding back.
  • Equally I have decided that discernment is the key to effective, inter and intra-personal communications, thus my coming out is also looking out for other’s toes.
  • I was gifted a magical potion to help my knees grow beyond the challenges of movement…as my knees are growing, yours might be too.
  • I have shunned my fear and refocused my eyes on a re-defined prize.
  • I now am ready to openly advise, upon request.

I am no longer an I.N. (Incognito Negro) but I am an O.U.T. (Over-Under-Thinker)

I thank you all for your encouraging embraces, as I am convinced we are going to new and “higher” places as we follow our own follow and rise above the dung of the times. Lemonade is the answer and WE WILL WIN!

HAMOJ — [Hug A Mug Of Joy] !

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