Umbriel, moon of Uranus

photo: NASA

Uranus for obvious reasons has been the but of many jokes over time, but as Papa Chuck would say, “…there’s no such thing as a joke.”

So looking at a planet’s moon called Umbriel, I now have no doubt on the root of our word, Umbrella: something which provides protection or a collapsible shade for protection…which then takes my mind on a couple of parallel strolls:

  1. Luna is the most common name for our moon, which is the root for Lunatic: affected with a severely disordered state of mind…thus setting up a rationale for unfettered behavior on a full moon.
  2. If our moon is also our protector, then I ask: from what and how? I suspect the moon could serve as a shield from an enormous meteor shower. If this were, it would be the shadow of the moon that would be spared.
I always want to be in the shadow of the moon as well as the shadow of the sun…who knows what joy and life can be found in the annals of our journey’s shadows?
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