Up from Bimini Road…

photo: ©1996 Diem Jones

Under the guidance of Dr. George Clinton aka Dr. Funkenstein aka Mr. Wiggles, a journey around the ocean, came the motion of the notion that the real eyes lies on the rhythm and the rhythm of the ONE is a dancer…and I was honored to document this psychoalphabetabioaquadooloop extravaganza with my cameras…If there is a real deal, let’s reel it in:

photos: ©1996 Diem Jones
photo: ©1996 Diem Jones

Archival prints from P-Funk Art Director/Photographer Diem Jones. Classic images of Parliament-Funkadelic, poetry readings and book signings at opening, but exhibit is for entire month of June. Special guests will appear on this eveing as the roof will be raised.

We hope to see you at the celebration of the exhibit of these and other classic images from my archives on June 24 at Cafe Malelani in Mt. Airy (Philly) PA
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