photo: Jimmy Nelson/Before They Pass Away

I have always loved being near water, in water, underwater as rain has always felt cleansing and tears a pathway to the soul’s speak. With my larger than normal feet (16/50) the jokes through adolescence was that I “should be able to take my “pontoons” and walk on water!” When I think of eco-systems, water always plays a role….I am also fully aware that inside of me is 87% water. I also have an inkling that I was part of a group that lived underwater.

In my work with Dr. Kanama in the early 80’s at the California Institute of Health we had monthly speakers. Kanama is from Zaire and in addition to being a masterful acupuncturist, was a doctor committed to promoting knowledge and self care. One speaker was a Dagara Medicine man, from Burkina Faso, who needed a translator. His talk was centered on the “African Medical Wheel,” which I “cloned” a monotone version and incorporated it into my logo as a wellness practitioner based in southern California. [I adopted the name Dr. Fladimir M.S. Woo, which built on a slice of my ancestry.] His version of the wheel had 5 colors, which represented the five races of man (sic); Red, Yellow, Blue/Black (middle finger), White and Green. While my subsequent research on African Medical Wheels has never matched this definition, this became the basis for many of my interstellar musings…

…of course I had to come up with my understanding of the Green Race of homo sapiens. During this time period I was also deeply ensconced in my work as Art Director & Wellness Consultant to Dr. George Clinton. One of George’s mythical tales, told through music and stage enactments, was about #1 Bimini Road (this became the title of my first book), which centered on an underwater disco in downtown Atlantis, “where you could dance underwater and NOT get wet!”

I put two and two together and concluded that since un-oxygenated blood is green(ish) NOT red, that perhaps the Green Race were the residents of Atlantis…I further bridged this with the theory that Thoth (Djhuty), the Egyptian god of Moon, Magic & Writing, came from Atlantis to the shores of North Africa. Thus Thoth might have retained his green hue and was followed by others.

So I slither through mountains of wetness and continue to seek knowledge with a righteous charge to share it..I rise up this morning heading to the nearby shores of the Atlantic ocean to witness the sun rise as the world awakens.

Enihsnus Yadnus