Who Do You Be?

Image: Natalie Levine

I have adopted many handles in my life and the most descriptive might be, “The Ambidextrous Chameleon.” In some ways I felt like a shape shifter, when this handle was first bestowed upon me in the 80's.

As I reflected on my journey I realized that I could find logic in both sides of a discussion, and in many cases enlightened to equally defend either side.

This doesn’t make me feel wishy-washi, but instead gives me a sense of empathy towards all whom I encounter. I came to this place through a determined self-declaration to not pass judgement, as there are many things that “work” for others that could not work for me… I don’t find empathy or alignment with anyone’s actions that are hate filled or laden with ill will towards another and there are times that I adopt a lyric (as an action plan) from my long-time friend and mentor, Dr. George Clinton:

…to each within their own reach and if I don’t cop, it’s not mine to have!

I may not immediately understand the ongoing from my portal of observation, however I learn by watching and listening through a lens of patience, as the outcome can be a surprise and a lesson.

I definitely adopt and edit “good practices” and claim only to be a reflection of “your direction.” With heart mindfulness at my helm, I walk lightly with my enhanced toolkit, so that my size 16 shoes don’t run over anyone’s toes.

We are all victims unconsciously in waiting for the programming from the dominant culture of greed mongers. As a chameleon, I must remain mindful of the infectious nature of the programmers…through the enormous webs of media portals, we are surrounded by suggestions — subliminal and direct.

I remain intent on doing, but never want my DO to hurt you or anyone else…I remain the Ambidextrous Chameleon, wise eyes and arms opened wide as I seek to find joy in every corner…

HAMOJ [Hug A Mug Of Joy]

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