Chapter 9: Organizational Conflict

What is conflict?

A serious disagreement or argument, typically a protracted one.

Where does it occur?

Conflict can occur anywhere.


As a hostess, I have encountered conflicts regarding money. In our company, we were allowed to keep any amount of tip without having to give up a percentage of what we made. Our job is to maintain a certain amount of people assigned to us by table sections. Because we deal with a wide range of Asian groups, translators have the advantage of basically taking our tips just because of the language barriers. This was a common conflict because people expected to make money every shift, but many nights left other workers with nothing. This conflict came about because translators admitted it themselves, basically rubbing it in our faces without the supervisors knowing it. Later on, some people were let go from the job because of some of the complaints by customers. Overall, every company deals with conflict because it’s natural. People have different ways of seeing things which is why organizational conflicts exist. One conflict management used in this case was avoidance. Avoidance was attempting to evade conflict, usually by not saying anything about the issue or just basically leaving the situation alone. The reason we did not bring the situation up to our supervisors was because we did not want the issue to get worse. The way I thought about it was leaving the situation alone because we did not want anyone losing their job, especially because they had children.

Sky Kauweloa