Week 5


Power comes with domination and control. With what I can see, many people take advantage of power. For example, our government takes the most advantage of power. I am pretty sure that they are hiding so many things from the public which may become a threat in the future. Our government has been avoiding rules and laws originally made, and are basically changing some of them. Citizens don’t have much of a voice when they are trying to help the government make the right choices! I just wish the government could see the bigger picture and look around on the many negative changes that are happening in this world.

I have no idea where this world is headed, especially now with all these new advanced technologies. Authorities have been on the other side of the radar not listening to what the public has to say. The reason for that is because they have the power to do what they think is best. So many people have been brainwashed. For example, Donald Trump running for president! Like, come on people! We are trying to find the best person to take that responsility seriously. I see videos of kids and parents getting all emotional hearing about him! Trump has the power to get attention because he is one of the richest men in the world. Trump mentioned that he could stand in the middle of the room and shoot someone and still not lose any votes! Because he has the power, it’s like saying that he can get away with murder. I know if someone else said that, they would probably be in jail the moment they mention it on television. Money is the root of all evil.

Sky Kauweloa