During this COVID-19 pandemic, I want to try and give back using my skills.

Enter Open Source

Here’s a good introduction for general audiences:

Everyone collaborates together and volunteers to write code for fun. I decided that is how I can give back.

My Contribution

I found out about the COVID Tracking Project after reading a news article and wondering what is their source for the data. I discovered it is the COVID Tracking Project, so I checked their website out. I admire how this volunteer organization collects data so that we in the United States can better understand this public health crisis.

I saw they had a GitHub page and went from there. …

Coding/development/software engineering is a team sport. You start with an idea.

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The idea needs to be fleshed out into requirements in order to make a product. For such a project, the input is different pieces of work each with their set of requirements and the output is a product.

One modern way to manage such a complex project is with scrum. Scrum is an agile process framework. It is a way to go from point A (requirements) to point B (product).

Succeed by understanding the basics

A sprint is a short time period where a team works to deliver a set amount of work by the end of it. …

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What’s the goal here?

Making my own personal portfolio website can showcase my projects and contact info in one simple, consolidated place for recruiters. This website’s primary audience would be recruiters in the tech industry. The secondary audience would be other web developers or software engineers.

LinkedIn works fine for recruiters. I just want more control when presenting my skills and projects. LinkedIn is used by other occupations as well, not just developers.

GitHub works if the audience knows code. It’s not friendly for someone who wants the non-technical details.

It will be simpler to have a static website present my skill set. …


Christopher Diep

Software Engineer at Wayfair in Boston | https://christopherdiep.com

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