Our developer Tommy Svensson has been trying to find the most comfortable way to code during Home Office.

Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

Since going fully remote because of the virus I’ve spent countless hours trying to find the most optimal way to sit in front of the computer. I’ve tried it all. Sitting on the floor, in the sofa, lying in bed. The one thing, all of these not-at-the-desk solutions have in common, is this: the keyboard and mouse make them unergonomic and uncomfortable.

This is not a new idea I have. Imagine being able to lounge back in the sofa with a PS4 controller while at work? Sure, there are chorded keyboards out there and they may be more optimized than…

Oh boy, where to even begin?

Hello there, we still exist!

This year was bonkers and traumatic and challenging and interesting on so many levels that it feels a bit overwhelming to summarize — but year-in-review posts are a tradition (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019), so here we go, in little tidbits, without any expectation of completeness.

🎂 Five years of diesdas!

On December 4th our company turned five years old — wow, how time flies! Over these years we went from four people to thirty, from one client to dozens, from zero revenue to millions. Pretty incredible, looking back at the whole timeframe.

Come join our team of designers, developers and strategists as an intern and work with us on challenging internet stuff. 🎉

Hello there aspiring designer or developer! If you’re on the lookout for an internship in a digital studio with a dedicated, experienced team, where you can learn lots, have fun at work and earn real money, then you’ve come to the right place!

We’re diesdas.digital, a studio for strategy, branding and digital product development located in Berlin Kreuzberg, with a team of roughly 10 people. And since we have a couple of large projects upcoming, we could use some help in the near future. Curious? These are the facts:

Oh well, job postings, everyone’s favorite… let’s do this anyways because we need your help in 2017! 💞

Hello there, this is us! 👋

To cut a long story short: We are a small design and development studio in Berlin, with seven people having a good time while building digital products and services. If you could imagine to be part of this team please contact Harry and let’s get to know each other. 😊

Got more time? Not convinced yet? No worries, here comes the long version:

Who we are

We are diesdas.digital, a fairly young design studio based in Berlin. Our company was founded by Harry, Lars, Lorenz and Max in 2015 and since then we have been busy building internet stuff. So busy actually that…

We built a new website for the type foundry TypeMates — including an online shop, a magazine and interactive testers for their typefaces.

Instead of reading many words you could simply visit typemates.com and see for yourself, but using the final product is only half the fun: If you’re curious about the process and how this fairly extensive project came to be, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look behind the scenes, shall we? 👀

One of the typeface pages featuring interactive testers. Also a browser in a browser. 🙃

How it all started

This is quite a story, so bear with us: Back in November 2015 we were still in the process of founding our company, working on our branding. Every good brand needs a strong typeface, so we were on the hunt and after trying out…

Finding an office seems doable at first and everyone immediately gets excited … but then you realize there’s more to it than meets the eye. 😳

Bonjour mes amis, this is Harry again, summarizing the 40th week of our adventures at diesdas.digital, a still fairly young product development and branding studio from Berlin. I was on holidays for two weeks and my colleague Lorenz did an excellent job covering what happened while I was hiking through the British countryside. On Tuesday I was back in the office and even though this was a short week, things got rather intense. Let’s see what we have in store this time! 👀

Never has waiting been this exciting.

Office space… it’s complicated!

Back when we started our company in January we were very short on money, so we decided…

We all are bad at email and we know it

Hello friends! This is Lorenz, one of the founders of diesdas.digital, a small and still quite fresh design and branding studio located in Berlin, Germany and you are reading our 39th weekly recap. We started the recaps with summaries of our workweek and shifted to one bigger topic every week that might be of interest to our fellow readers. So shall we start? Let’s go!

Some news of this week

If you have read our 34th weekly recap, then you already know that we shared our opinion on pitches and that we went to Zurich to take part in one. It was for a client…

A new project on the horizon and a hymn of praise on our job

Hey there, this is Lorenz, one of the founders of diesdas.digital, a Berlin-based product and brand development studio, with a team of six people. Wait, who? Yep, while Harry is on his well deserved holidays I took over the duty of giving you the 38th weekly recap of what we are doing here at our little company.

A lot of traffic in Victoria Station.

A few updates and #diesdasontour

On Friday Max, Sharon and I travelled to London to give a presentation for a prospective new client. For a one and a half hour presentation we had to spend around six to seven hours traveling which can be quite ‘anstrengend’ (german for…

Spoiler alert: It isn’t a strategy at all.

Hey there, this is Harry, one of the founders of diesdas.digital, a Berlin-based product and brand development studio, with a team of six people.

This post is about our 37th week in business and today we’re gonna talk about social media. Why? Because I’ll be on holidays for the next two weeks and therefore the weekly posts #38 and #39 will be written by my colleagues … and since I’ve handled all social media activities up until now, I thought I’d summarize what I usually do each week and how. …

This week was hectic, because holidays! But we still made excellent progress and ploughed through all the tasks! 💪

Hey there and welcome to the 36th weekly recap of what we’ve been up to at diesdas.digital. I am Harry, one of the people who founded this new digital studio back in January and each week I write a blog posts to reflect on what happened; looking at the good, the bad and the ugly as transparently as possible. This week kept us rather busy, so we better get started… let’s punch it! 👇 🚨 🔊

In the zone.

Holidays present challenges for a small team!

It’s late summer in Germany and that means everybody is leaving for holidays, enjoying the sun before we head into the sad, grey darkness…


A fresh agency for digital bits and pieces, taking itself not too seriously. Branding, design, development. German origin, posts in English. ⚡️

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