The law of attraction really works! Trust me! since I was a child I have been dreaming about traveling around the world, specially in #business #businessclass and #First #FirstClass and guess what! Duh! all my dreams are real and I am living all my dreams for 24/7 thanks to the #Universe #LawOfAttraction.

It does not matter if your dream is “silly” “unreal” “too much”. It does not matter the situation you are facing on the present, as we just have the present moment and there is no past or future, all your dreams will be on the present moment sooner or later.

It does not matter how long is taking, the key is to really believe your dreams, really feel it and live your life like if you already got it many time and feel how you really feel living the dream. You really have to do this when you are sleeping and also even when you are awake! When you are waiting the bus, do not get angry because the bus is not coming, take your time to love yourself and think and feel on all your dreams and wishes and feel it and trust on the universe!

When you are in the supermarket waiting on the queue for paying, do not get upset about it, actually it is wonderful, so you have more time to take good care of yourself and think and feel all your dreams and wishes and sending it to the universe!

Do not think about when is coming, the universe will give you in the right time, the right moment, THE PRESENT AS WE LIVE THE PRESENT AND THERE IS NOT PAST OR FUTURE TO THE UNIVERSE.